het zuid land now has a Clubhouse! Here children can come together to collectively partake in theatrical activities and projects. Below you will find a trailer for this. This project was partially scripted.

Trailer from the theatrical piece called 'Matrimonium'. A land is plagued by severe rainfall. A girl and boy must marry and produce heirs for the rain to stop. The theatre piece is about discomfort of societal rules, judgement, expectations and how these children deal with this.

Trailer made on an audition day to show a day in the life of a performer at Het Zuidland.

Trailer from the theatrical piece called Reindier. A boy grows up in the grip of his over protective mother who keeps him in the house, to protect him from the outside world. It's an absurd, moving and emotional roller coaster of a performance.

het zuid land




Het Zuidland is a theatre group for youths from elementary, middle and high school ages.